About Me

Jeremy came late to violinmaking after a career as a professional cellist and teacher. He first took a ‘cello to pieces in 1972 and developed his love or working with wood from there. He now works professionally on all the violin family – from setting up a 1/16 size violin to grafting a new neck on a double bass!

The guitar – both six-string and bass – has played a large part in Jeremy’s life. It made sense therefore, having established the violin workshop, to incorporate the sale and repair of these instruments into his business

In addition to running his own workshop, he also does work for several music shops in Cambs, Herts, and Norfolk, and is one of the nominated repairers for Norfolk County Council. Having been a player and teacher himself, he knows what performers require from their instruments, and how much an inexpensive instrument that is well set-up can encourage the young student.

Jeremy continues to teach and perform whenever the opportunity arises.