Instrument Rental Service

Parents may often be uncertain about spending what seems a large amount of money on an instrument that may ultimately be discarded. To enable your child to try the chosen instrument for a short period I run a rental scheme.

Rental pricing is per 4 month term.
Initial payment is one term plus one term returnable deposit.

Instrument Rental from
Violin, Prima 100 outfit
1/8 – 4/4 size
Viola, Prima 100 outfit
12” – 15.5” size
Cello, Prima 100 outfit
1/4 – 4/4 size
Guitar, Valencia Classical
1/2 – 4/4 size
Guitar, Valencia Acoustic
Full size only
Guitar, Stagg Acoustic from
1/2 – 4/4 size

At the end of the initial rental period (4 months) you have three options:

  1. return the instrument and get your deposit back;
  2. pay for a further rental period;
  3. purchase the instrument outright – the balance being the original purchase price less rental and deposit paid plus a £5.00 handling fee.

Should you need to change up to a larger instrument during the rental period, this can be done free of charge.

At the end of the rental period you may wish to purchase an improved model – this can be done under the terms of option “3” above.