Repairs and Restorations

Jeremy Ard Violins is able to offer you a comprehensive repair service for the Violin family (and their bows) and all styles of the Guitar family.

The work, undertaken to the highest professional standards, ranges from the normal adjustment and set-up jobs up to and including major restorations. I only use traditional tools and glues for my work.

Typical work underway will include repairs to cracks in the body, pegbox and headstock.

On violins the work often involves re-facing or replacing the fingerboard, refitting or replacing the tuning pegs, re-elevating the neck, and of course fitting a new bridge and soundpost.

On guitars you will find me levelling or replacing frets, fitting new nuts or saddles, adjusting the neck action/relief. Electrical work is also undertaken.

An express bow re-hairing service is available. All work is normally undertaken in my own workshop. However, for certain bow repairs the item may be sent to a specialist in that field.

The care of a favourite instrument is a matter of teamwork between yourself and your restorer. Although I may have sold you an instrument, I will somehow always think of it as one of my instruments and I’ll still feel responsible for it. If you’re ever unhappy with it, I hope you’ll bring it back to me.

I am very happy to assess your instrument and advise you on its current condition.

For all work I will be happy to provide a free estimate of repair costs, however, for internal and the more complex repairs I need to inspect and handle the instrument.

I am sorry that I am unable to provide quotations over the Internet.

I am able to carry out repairs for insurance claims, and am happy to deal with your insurance company on your behalf.