In order that the aspiring musician is encouraged to continue, it is important that the instrument plays to its best – in terms of both playability and sound quality.

The Violin family – adjustments must be made to the bridge, the soundpost, the saddle, the fingerboard and the pegs.

A student setup has a basic (French) bridge and is designed for playability and durability. I suggest strings such as Pirastro Piranito for student instruments – whilst relatively cheap they produce a pleasant sound to the young ear.

A professional setup uses a top-quality bridge, carefully carved to enhance the tone of the instrument. The bridge is also adjusted to suit the strings of your choice. The fitting of the soundpost includes one adjustment session so that I can adjust the instrument to your playing style.

The Guitar family.

All new guitars are checked for string height at the nut and at the saddle(s) – the “action”. I also check that the neck is straight and the frets level. On electric guitars pick-up height is also adjusted for the best response. A new set of D’Addario strings is also fitted.